"Accept anything that anyone offers you"

Sunday, April 3, 2021

2:05 P.M.

Welcome back to my daily blogs. I'm glad to see that you have returned to read the blog of the day. I upload spiritual life lessons once a day. I have been ordered to do this, hence, why I am doing it. I don't think it's a good idea to say no to God, so whatever he orders, I'm already doing!

Todays blog deals with a dream I had about my father. But before I write about the dream I received, let me give you a background into why I received this dream about my father.

My father is the type of person to give and not receive. If he sees you for coffee, you won't even have the opportunity to reach into your pocket to pay. If you're an owner and want to offer him something, that's not happening. If you're a stranger, he'll gift you a religious gift and won't take anything in return. My father is a very giving person. One time when my dad healed someone from cancer, the owner of the bakery wanted to gift my father the whole bakery. I'm sitting there thinking...we don't have this much room in our house to store all this bread. My fathers been offered money, gifts, food, coffee, and so much more. But he doesn't ever take it! Until, I had a dream.

This is the dream:

I had a dream of Jesus watering flowers in front of our big home on big land. The land was beautiful and the grass was rich green. The Lord said to me, "When I bless you with my home, I want you to start a garden of flowers around the home or near the home." I answered, 'Yes, my Lord.' Then, my father came and the Lord was so glad to see my father. He looked to my father and gave him a sealed envelope, but my father refused. He pulled a flower from the ground, but my father refused. Then, the Lord said to my father, "Why are you refusing." My father replied, "My Lord, you already gave me everything I need. I have to give you more things because you've done so much for me." The Lord answered my father, "Inside the envelope I tried to give you was something you've been asking me for a long time. The flower I tried to gift you was to refresh your body. I need you to accept whatever the people offer you. If they offer you, do not refuse. Whoever offers you, offers me, and I will bless them. If you refuse, how can I bless them?"

That was the end of the dream. It was funny afterwards because on the same day I woke up from the dream, a friend of ours offered us all whatever we wanted. The day after, a lady from a store offered us a beautiful car rosary for free. I laughed, looked to my father and said, 'We need more storage.'

It's true. It is most certainly a great blessing to give, but it is also a great blessing to receive. Give and receive. It's very difficult for my father to accept from others, because he is more of a giving person. However, I'm sure with time and this dream, he will learn to accept more often.

My father has wars when it comes to paying. Im paying, no I'm paying, hey I'm paying. We spend at least five to ten minutes arguing over who is going to pay. I find it beautiful to see that my father cannot afford to always give, yet he always does no matter what, especially for the poor. I asked my father why? He answered, "As long as we have a roof, that's what's important. The poor don't have a roof, so I have to help them."

In a different dream the Lord mentioned, "Those who welcome you into their home, welcome me. Whoever rejects you, rejects me."

Let us learn to give, but to also receive and accept.

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God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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