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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

9:58 A.M.

Welcome back to my daily blogs. I am always grateful for your generosity towards my site and your support. I am thankful that God has blessed me with all of you, and it's always my pleasure to be sharing my spiritual life lessons with you.

Growing up, I was always a shy and fear-filled child. It's just the way I was. I was always shy whenever someone new or unfamiliar approached me, and I always walked everywhere with my head down behind my father. I was easily frightened by even the least scary situations. For example, I would be walking in the mall and hear people cursing and I would get afraid. Small situations like this.

As I was growing up, I loved to be near my father. He possessed many characteristics that I admired and wanted to have also when I grow older: He's so close to our Lord (Spiritual), strong, intelligent, loving, respectful, and so much more. He was always my role model on earth and I always looked up to him.

I noticed how as I was in elementary school, friends were treating me different than the way my father's friends would treat him. Everyone treated him with respect and love, and my friends treated me the opposite. I would come home and immediately run to my father. I said, "Dad, dad!". He said, "What's wrong?". I replied, "Everybody's picking on me at school and I don't like it!". My father sat beside me and we had a nice conversation. "Why are they picking on you?", he said. I replied, "They always make fun of me and push me around because I always talk about Baba (Father) Jesus." He said to me, "Roberto. Remember when Jesus came down to the earth, and everyone turned their back on him. They beat him, they insulted him, they made fun of him, they crowned him with thorns, they made him carry a heavy cross, they tried to stone him, and they crucified him. Even until today, he's in pain because of the way we sin against him. My Lord Jesus is strong. You know why? Because he didn't finish and end us yet. It takes strength to stay silent. Power isn't all about who you can beat up and how many people. Strength is about where you are with our father in the heaven. When you know you're good with him, you have more power than the one who isn't good with him. But that doesn't mean we raise our heads above them, it means we grow with them on their level, to pick them up to our father. Remember, I grew you in the spiritual life, in the way of Our Father. This world has many bad people. You have to understand them and grow them in Our Father's love." That was the speech that helped me greatly in school. even until high school and University.

Another thing after University was that I always worried about my future. What am I going to work? Who am I going to work for? How am I going to make money? All these questions started to fill my head all over again. I didn't stress over making big money because of myself. I stressed over making big money because I love my father and want to help him. If you lived in my shoes for all these years my father had to suffer, you wouldn't believe a man like him has survived this long. It's a brutal battle with life. Sometimes the devil whispers something you really want to do in your ear, but the spirit of God within you says, "No." And you listen and obey, because he is your father in heaven and knows what's best for you.

My Father had $500,000 taken away from him, we lost our home, we had no income, there were so many big rocks that started to fall over our heads. I was so angry at one point in my life that I lost all faith. But looking to my father...he was something else all right. I saw him praying all day for the ones who took away from him. He prayed for more blessings to come to them. When we lost our home, he said, "Lord, even if I live on the streets with nowhere to live, I will live in your kingdom. If I have no bread to eat, doing your holy will fills my hunger." There were many trials we had to endure, but there was a great lesson my father taught me from all of this. "Be strong and do not fear."

The final lesson my father taught me about being strong and not fearing is the following. "Don't fear anyone or anything, except God. Who cares about the one that can destroy the body. You have to fear the one who can destroy both the body and the soul." This is a very true lesson. Always remember to be strong and do not fear!

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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