First and the Last

Friday, March 19, 2021

2:41 P.M.

Welcome back everyone to my daily blogs. I truly do enjoy writing these spiritual life lessons that I have acquired over the past few years of my life. I've learned plenty of things from my father that, thankfully, I didn't have to experience in my own personal life.

Today is about the first becoming the last, and the last being first.

Too often, we place ourselves as number one. We put ourselves at the top. We see ourselves as king and queens and the rest of the world as slaves. Bad news, you're going to become last. Then, we have the minority of people who see all people as equal. They place God first, others second, and themselves last. Good news, you're going to become first. It's a confusing concept to understand at a first glance. But after taking a closer look and examination upon this saying from the Bible, we notice that it is indeed true.

My father suffered and went through many trials in his life. Who doesn't? But his was very bad. Plenty of people in his life placed themselves first and threw him down to the bottom.

One night, I had a dream. I saw God dressed in a brown robe, and a hood covering his face. The Holy Father was standing in front of me. I asked him on my knees, "My Lord, why do you place everyone above us?" He answered me, "My child, those who place themselves first will be last, and the last will be first." I asked him, "What do you mean?" Then, He took me to a big white home with big land. All the neighbours were far away. I saw angels dressed in white standing on top of the roof. The Lord said to me, "This home will belong to you, and I will bring my kingdom to live with you also." I was feeling overwhelmed in the dream, asking, "Who am I that this should happen to me?" Then, the Lord showed me all those who placed my father last. I saw one of them sitting north of the home with his family. They were eating bread and drinking tea around a fire. They had everything, but they lost everything. Then, my father saw (confidential) across from the home, and he invited him into the home. My father blessed the man, and helped him.

There was another man who placed my father last. While we were inside the home, a guard came to my father and told him (confidential) was outside. My father went outside and saw him outside the gate. My father opened the gate and hugged the man. The man who placed my father last was very skinny. He was stressed and tired. He cried and embraced my father, and said to him, "If I don't see you I'm going to die." So my father went out to drink an espresso with him.

The Lord looked to me and said, "The world calls your father last, but to me he is first, and those who put him last themselves are last." I felt great comfort from the Lord because he said this.

Let us always be reminded that to be last is a blessing. In all honesty, you will find joy if you place yourself last. Thats what "JOY" stands for:

J = Jesus

O = Others

Y = Yourself

Place Jesus first, others second and yourself last.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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I look forward to seeing you in the next blog.

God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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