Healing Cancer

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

10:51 A.M.

Welcome back everyone and thank you for staying and reading my blogs. I try to share one story everyday about a spiritual life lesson. I most sincerely appreciate your continued generosity and support.

Today I will be writing about a certain individual by the name of Joseph. He is a young man and he's 19 years of age. He was diagnosed with cancer and was expected to die in exactly 3 weeks. Let's see how everything took quite the turn.

One day, my father and I went into a bakery during my high school break. I had spare, and enjoyed going out for an espresso with my father before heading back to class. You know, sometimes you need an espresso to get through class. Especially if it's morning time.

My father and I walked inside, ordered and espresso and the owner of the bakery which was a lady approached my father because she saw his cross that he was wearing, and asked if he was a priest. More often today that question is being asked, because he added a white beard to the collection. My father answered that he is "only a servant and slave of our Lord. Nothing more." The lady felt a good spirit upon my father and said, "I feel that you are close with God. If you don't mind, pray for a customer of mine who's son has cancer. His name is Joseph, he's nineteen years old and the doctors told him he has 3 weeks to live before he dies. The cancer spread throughout almost his entire body. The percentage of the spread is 95%. Is it okay if you say a prayer for him?"

My father immediately accepted and remembered the dream I received a few month before this. The dream mentioned that he has the power to heal. He asked for his full name and started praying for him in our chapel (please see image below). While he was praying for Joseph, he started to cry out of the blue. From past experiences, whenever my father tears up, it means that the person he is praying for will be healed. About a week later, we returned to the bakery to check on Josephs status.

When we walked into the bakery, we were confronted with yelling and shouting from joy. The owner of the bakery offered my father to take everything from the bakery on her. My father kindly refused and asked how Joseph is. She said, "It's a miracle, you healed him!" My father replied, "I told you I'm only servant and slave of our father in the heaven. He's the one who healed you not me. Just he sent me to pass his healing to Joseph."

She was overwhelmed with joy and stated that Joseph is now completely free of cancer, and that the doctors themselves claimed that this could only be a miracle.

My father ordered the lady to inform Joseph that he should attend mass daily, receive the eucharist, attend confession and sin no more. He has been doing as was instructed and is still cancer-free. He has never felt better.

This is not the power of my father, but the power of our almighty God who never forgets his children.

Notice how my father didn't heal Joseph and take all the glory and praise for himself. I'm telling you the truth. It's not us! We cannot heal! It is Jesus Christ that heals others through my father.

I thank God for giving me a father like the one I have now. He has always been a great blessing to me in my life. He has always taught our family to love each other and anyone else. The thing I love most about my father is how he creates an environment of love and peace. Although he has suffered in his life, his faith and love for Jesus Christ makes everything seem as if nothing has ever happened. Why? Because he leaves everything in the hands of God.

If you leave everything in your own hands, you will appear sad and tired and angry. If you leave everything in the hands of God, what is there to worry for? The Lord will handle everything, so why worry?

Let us remember to leave everything in the hands of God. He loves you abundantly, and don't you forget that!

Healing doesn't happen for everyone. I received a message for this also, as to why this happens. However, I will leave that one for another day.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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