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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

3:20 P.M.

Welcome back everyone to Spiritual Life Lessons where we continue to learn something new each and every day. I'd like to thank you all sincerely for returning to read another blog.

Today's topic is a little out of the ordinary, and it's primarily about insurance. Insurance can be a difficult thing to cover for most of us, however, there are steps and practices that you can choose in order to create a fundamentally better decision in your life. As you know, by a law insurance is mandatory. If you get caught driving without insurance, you can be in for some serious penalties.

The first thing is, insurance costs. Many of the people around the world are unable to purchase an insurance plan because of the dramatic costs. Over the years, insurance costs for their plans have rised dramatically. There is a website, however, that can help you to find the cheapest price for the lowest rates. That website can easily be accessed at I used to be with an insurance company that was charging $6,500 per year. About a year later they contacted me to let me know that it will rise to $10,000 per year. Now that's a dramatic increase. However, I took it into my own hands to search for a cheaper insurance plan from a different provider. I hooked up all of my auto insurances with a new provider (Insurance Agency) and I am currently paying $5,960 per year. That is the best deal I have recieved hence far. I highly recommend everyone to search for the cheapest insurance plan out there. Your provider is not the only one in the world at the moment.

The second thing is, life insurance. No one in my family has life insurance. Personally, we don't like it. Is it bad to have life insurance? Not necessarily, however, we don't like it. I know of a family that is paying $10,000 per year for life insurance, and the price continues to rise every year. There are far too many cases of deaths because of life insurance and it's absolutely ridiculous. However, there are many families that do indeed believe in life insurance. That of course is completely up to you.

The final thing is, home insurance. Every home needs home insurance. I have it, don't worry. If ever something does happen to your home, the insurance company has it covered. Over the years, and still today, there have been many reports of damages happening to homes. Whether that's a fire, flood, electrical outbreak, e.t.c. Home insurance is very important.

Try combining all of the different types of insurances you want with one insurance proivder. If you combine them into one plan, you're more likely to get a better insurance plan deal. However, splitting all of the insurance up can result in a more expensive outcome rather than a less expensive one.

I hope this blog was able to help you out with the topic of insurance. There are many insurance providers out there that can definetely help you out with a better deal. I highly suggest that you continue searching for the cheapest one, but also make sure that it's worth it. If you have a good and clean record, insurance providers are willing to give you discounts. So, don't forget that!

I look forward to seeing you in the next blog!

Spiritual Life Lessons.

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