Living A Simple Life

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I would like to discuss something many individuals don't understand. Living a simple life.

Most of us when we encounter great wealth, immediately resort to spending it on a big home, luxury good, brand new cars, e.t.c. It feels good when you spend lavishly on yourself.

Growing up, my family and I did not have much. As a matter of fact, we couldn't keep up with the bills at all. At worst, my father couldn't even eat on some days to keep us fed. Yes, that's how bad it was.

When God blessed us everything went back to normal and even beyond what we expected. Television channels, My own music label company, growth developer, app developer, website developer, Shelter owner, e.t.c.

Many question why a simple life is lived by us. Why drive a 2007 Range Rover when you can drive a 2021 Range Rover? Why not purchase many sports cars? Why not indulge in great wealth? For me, it's not that simple. For you, it might be very simple.

When you live the life of the rich all of your life and receive great wealth, your immediate response is to spend and not care how much. When you live the life of the poor, you see everything from a different perspective.

I began to think to myself after a few things were done. Rolex, Balmain, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, e.t.c. I remembered when I was in High School and had no money. The rich would praise the rich and the poor kids would look to the rich in hopes of havig what they have with sorrow.

One day, I purchased $300 Michael Jordan running shoes and wore it to school. I was very close with a poor friend and when he saw them he stumbled. He said, "Wow. Those are nice. I wish I could have me one of those." I felt so proud to own them in the start, but after he said that I donated them to the poor.

When you have lived the life of the poor, no amount of money can change the way you think. Everything is seen as if the poor kid you once were was watching you. Imagine driving a sports car or dressing up in brand name clothing, and a poor kid looks to you and says "He's so lucky. I wish I could have that." That just breaks my heart. I've been in their position before so I know the way the poor think.

However, as I live a simple life as one of the poor, I am reminded of its own unique beauty. A bigger home distances family members, but a small home unites all where you can see each other. A brand new luxury car makes you feel great pride when you ride, but will put you on the lowest scale and take away your riches by the Lord.

The life of the poor is much more beautiful than the life of the rich. Therefore, no matter how much money you possess, ALWAYS remember that the poor have their eyes on you. Keep your wealth as a hidden treasure for only your eyes to see and others to grow.

May God bless us all abundantly through his grace and great mercy.

Spiritual Life Lessons.

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