My Fathers Sayings (100)

Friday, April 16, 2021

8:15 P.M.

"Carry your cross through all of its fifteen stations, and don't let it fall. Build it on your shoulder the way the Lord built it on his. It crushed his meat and bones. Continue with your spiritual life and never give up."

"Read the Bible, the Old and the New. You will gain wisdom and understanding. It will help you to stay away from evil, harm, and bad. It helps to build the Holy Spirit in your soul."

"Don't use your body for foolish things. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit."

"Don't keep the heart of the Lord down. Don't follow the wicked. You will become a lost sheep."

"Everyday, say my prayer. My Lord, I give you my hands to do your holy work. I give you my feet, to walk in your holy way. I give you my tongue, to speak your holy words. I give you my eyes, to see as you see. I give you my ears, to listen to your holy words. Above all these things, I give you my heart, to love you and all mankind. I love you, Jesus. You are the Lord of lords, the Light of light. Whoever listens to you will be in you and you in him. In Jesus' name. Amen."

"Before you pray anything, before you start your day, pray to the Holy Spirit."

"Everyday when I wake up I say, My Lord, as I open my eyes I see your holy light. When I see your holy light, it means I see you. You have given me new life today. I thank you Father to bless me this day, my Family and I, and everybody on this earth."

"Just as the one sheep was lost from the one hundred, you had ninety nine, but searched for me the one lost. You found me and you saved me. In the same way that you found me, I will also find the lost sheep and bring them back to you, just as you brought me back to you. I was worse than them."

"When you sit with friends, speak with a pure tongue, a pure heart, a pure mind. Don't commit yourself to sin."

"When you sin, it creates many blindfolds around your eyes. You can't see the light, only darkness."

"Give your heart to the Lord, to open your eyes because you cannot see. Let him work on you. When you give your heart to him, he will open his. He is knocking, all you have to do is open and accept."

"Don't be selfish. You treat yourself with riches and you satisfy yourself, and you have forgotten the poor. Help the poor, before you over feed yourself. The poor will be with the Lord at the end. When you look after them, they will pray for you to be in the presence of the Lord."

"Don't follow the foolish and wicked people, or else you will become one of them. Dust your feet there, move, and never look back."

"Don't look to a woman with bad intentions. When you look with purity, our Lord will promote and reward you more."

"When you go to church, be holy, and humble yourself before the Lord with your prayers. It is the house of the Lord. Don't sit gossiping with your friends about others."

"In Mass, you have an angel behind you. When you pray with goodness and purity, your angel goes up happy and proud to present the Lord with your intentions. The one who prays with impurity and a sinful heart has a sad angel that is embarrassed and doesn't present their intention before the Lord."

"As often as you can, pray to Mother Mary. She is the Holy Mother of God. She is our Holy True Mother. She is the Mother of Mercy. Give her respect and love her with all of your heart. She will appear to you and speak with you. Our Lord always listens to his mother. Afterall, he chose her."

"Listen children, give respect to your father and mother. Our Father in heaven blesses children through the father and mother."

"Listen parents, teach your children the way of the Lord. Do not lead them astray, otherwise, they will fall and you will weep with no end for them."

"Listen parents, don't commit mortal sins. You don't know the punishment of the Lord upon your kids. He will teach you a big lesson and you will never forget. When you burn the heart of the Lord, yours will be burned also. Do not forget who the Lord is."

"Don't let the woman fool you when she drips honey from her mouth, she will poison you as when the snake bites the flesh."

"There are wicked people, and then there are those who changed."

"When you live in wickedness, your life is dark, and you will fall into a hole. But when you live in the ways of the Lord, your life is light, and you will always see where you are going."

"The foolish sit and argues from when the sun rises until it sets. The wise man is silent and waits for the foolish to run out of breath."

"One drop of blood from the Lord on the earth can cleanse all sinners of their impurity."

"Carry your cross in the same way Mother Mary and the Disciples did."

"Praise the Lord day and night, and never have enough from him."

"Do not commit to sin. It will place you in the greatest darkness."

"Follow the Word of the Lord. It will lead you to a path filled with light."

"Do not play big. The bigger you play the easier you'll fall."

"Don't depend your pride on your riches. You will turn to die, turn to dust and be forgotten. You will not bring your riches with you. You have come into the world with nothing, and you will leave with nothing."

"Do not sin against the Lord, for it is like the poison of the snake."

"Bow with your head on the ground before your knees. This is how your dedication and love for the Lord must be."

"Always use your tongue with purity and respect. It will break the bone of your enemy."

"Stay away from all evil. Where there is evil, the devil is behind you."

"Pray day and night to the Lord. This is how you will defeat the evil and the dirty spirits."

"Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and body. Remember to do this because he loves you more than you love him."

"Don't independ on human beings. Independ on the Lord and trust in the name of Jesus."

"Be patient with others the way the Lord is patient with you."

"Do not rush with your decisions. You will fail miserably."

"If you are married, do not divorce your spouse. Love and stay committed. You will always have each other no matter what."

"Show love to your spouse and your kids. Show to them the love that the Lord has shown to you."

"Pure your heart, and make it clean like Jesus'."

"When you sin, the Lord shuts his ear, and closes the sky. This is because you are always repeating your sins."

"Don't pray for wealth. Pray to be a wise man."

"When you anger the Lord, pray to Mother Mary. She is the only one who can soften his heart with you."

"Pray for everyone on this earth. Don't be selfish, praying only for yourself."

"Pray for all religions to come into one communion with each other, in the name of the Lord."

"Do not treat the Jews, Muslims, and other religions with hate. Show love and treat everyone equally, with love. The Lord created us all the same, human beings."

"Pray for the sick, the sinners, the poor, the souls in purgatory, and those who have died. These are the most in need."

"Never be consumed by anger. You can die at any moment."

"Do not be jealous of others. You will bring a great curse upon your own self."

"If you eat too much, you will vomit. If you eat too little, you will be hungry. Eat in moderation, and you will be satisfied."

"Control your mind from the wicked area. The devil looks for the weakest spot in your mind and hunts you there."

"Live in peace, and you will die in peace. If you live with violence, you will die in a violent way."

"When you pray, do not let your mind wonder outside of the house of the Lord."

"Be kind with everyone, friend and enemy. They will love and stand with you until the end."

"Don't look at the mirror to see your beauty. Instead, show the beauty of your heart to the Lord."

"Trust in the plan that the Lord has for you. Your plans will fail. The plans of the Lord always succeed."