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Friday, April 16, 2021

2:42 P.M.

Welcome back to my daily blogs everyone. I always enjoy writing these daily blogs for all of you to read. I write daily spiritual life lessons for people all over the world to read. God has blessed me with over 300k monthly readers, and I trust that he will increase this number as time passes by. Todays blog will certainly be different than the rest of my previous blogs. I suppose that by the title of this blog you could already tell.

Today, I will be writing about my own personal life story with God.

Many of you have been sending me emails regarding sharing my life story, and I will do as you have asked. So, sit back and relax, and enjoy my life story.

Growing up, at the age of a very young child, I was always angry. I was angry with everyone around me because that's just the way I was. My father didn't want me to grow up this way, so he went before the Lord in our chapel and prayed that I grow calm. A few weeks later, I transformed to a quiet, loving, happy child. My father knew that the Lord answered his prayer, and he was very glad.

I was raised in a beautiful household of family members. I got along with everyone, and we all grew showing love to one another. We had happiness, money, clothes, cars, and everything we wanted we received by just asking.

My father brought us all in the love and teaching of Jesus Christ, ever since we were young children. He would take us to church, teach us to pray, and always place God before anyone. He was a big influence on our family having raised us in such a beautiful manner. I thank my father everyday for the way he brought us up. I always let him know that he's the best father in the world, and how thankful I am that God placed me in his care.

There's something about my father that words can't explain. It's a feeling when you meet him, greet him or even speak with him. You feel the great presence of the Holy Spirit living in him.

Our families all communicated well when I was a child. My father always tells me until this day how much he loves his family, and how he places them even before himself. He always speaks highly about them. Every week, we would visit each others house, and enjoy food and talking with each other.

My Nana was alive when I was younger, and she was like the boss of the family. She was one powerful and strong woman. May God rest her soul. She was very old fashion, and I love that most about her. She united the family always. She never wanted the families to separate form each other, and all of us know that. She was a true nana. I didn't get to spend time with her for many years and come to know her quite well, but with just a few visits, I felt like I knew her very well. As a matter of fact, she appeared in my dream about three times and spoke with my father and I. She had a very touching conversation with my father, and spoke highly about Amira, my youngest sister. We named Amira after my nana. She was called, "Nana Amira", and that's what we named my youngest sister. In the dream, Nana mentioned about how Amira is exactly like her, and how much she loves her. She didn't call Amira her grand daughter in the dream. She called Amira her daughter.

After a few years, when I was around the age of twelve, problems started to arise. Problems started rushing in. Its like the day was over and the night has taken over. The joy is gone and the struggles have been raised.

My father lost his money that he gave for family to borrow. This was the beginning of the story. Everything went downhill from this point. My father had plans on how he would triple the money because he was very smart with his strategies. He knows very well how to invest and bring triple the income. All his plans were now erased because he didn't receive his money back.

My whole family went through great pain and stress. We got sick from thinking about what will happen to our future. My father was sad, angry, and didn't know what to do. He thought to himself out loud, "I have three children I have to take care of. All of them are like babies. How am I going to take care of them? How am I going to buy them food? How am I going to provide them shelter?" At this point he has no income, he applied for over 100 jobs, but none wanted to accept him because of his age. We went insane. You'll never understand what we went through just by reading these blogs.

After everything his family did to him, I saw something that I didn't understand at that time. I saw my father on his knees in our chapel praying for the family of the one who took away from him. I was confused. I heard him praying out loud, "My Lord. Bless the ones who took away from me and don't harm them. I know how you are with me. You put all my enemies down with your left hand, and you raise me up. But no. Let them grow more than me. Even if you place me to be homeless on the streets, all I ask is that you feed my kids. I love them and I don't want them to suffer with me. Increase my suffering more. If I'm suffering for you, take more away from me and make me suffer more. Increase the weight of my cross. I didn't go through what you went through, my Lord, so do whatever you want with me, and I will love you more and more and more!"

I didn't understand why he was praying for them until when I got older and I received a dream about them.

Progressively as I was growing older, I started seeing dreams. All of these dreams were from heaven. The shocking part is when I receive a dream and it comes true. I always told my father and no one else. Everyone else would either not pay attention, make fun, or dismiss me. My father studied these dreams and saw them coming true. Then, he knew, this is the truth. It has come from God.

One day, I received a dream about the family who took from my father. The Lord showed my family living in a big white home, and he showed me their family sitting in front of our house about 1km away eating bread and drinking tea. Their family had no home and nothing left. When I told my father this dream, he cried for 3 days until I received another dream.

I had another dream of Jesus saying this, "I have heard your cry and your prayers for the family who took from you. I will grant you your request, but not fully. I will not leave them without a home, but I must let them taste the life of the poor. For a little while, I will let them taste, only taste what you have seen from your suffering. This is what will happen. I will allow evil to consume their home and for problems to arise. They will have war everyday. Then, I will send you his son. You will meet with him and you will change him. Evil has consumed his mind, but you will heal his iniquity. You must not give up with him, because you are the only one who will change him. You will change his heart of stone, to the tender one he had when he was younger. After you change him, the war in his home will stop. There will be peace. Then, after some time, they will move from the big home they live in, to a smaller one. They will live there for a few months before I will tell you to pick them up. By the time they move into a smaller home, I will have already blessed you with great wealth, and you will pick them up. Because you have cried for them, I will not let them live the life of the poor, but I must let them taste it. This is as much as I can change my plan for them. I am only doing this, because I love you. You will invite them over to the big white home I will bless you with, and you will pick them up greatly on that day."

We lost everything. Money, our home, we had to sell the things we had, we had to sell our cars, and worst of all, no one asked if we needed help. When we had to sell our cars because we couldn't afford the bills, things were getting worse. My father and I had to stay home for about 5 months. I didn't enjoy the outside. It was like a jail sentence for me. Stress builds up when you stay at home all day and don't enjoy outside. Things were very tough, yet through this all, God remained with us.

Everyday, since the day my father lost his money, I prayed that God would lift me up so that I can take care of my family. It broke my heart to see my father struggle the way he does. God answered this request 7 years after my father lost everything. I was praying for seven years for God to raise me with wealth so that I can provide for my family.

We are currently living in a small bungalow, about 1,200 square feet. It's infested with bugs, spiders, cockroaches and other living insects. But, still, everyday we thank God that we at least have a roof over our heads. In this very home, God appeared to me and made me a promise. You will never believe until you see! My trust in the Lord is great, and I know that he will keep his promise. I am writing this down because I know that when his promise has been fulfilled, you will know that I am telling you the truth. The Lord made the promise to me that in a few months, I will be uplifted with wealth to great heights. He mentioned that all the bills must be put under my name, and for my parents not to spend a penny of their own money. This is the very truth.

We have been surviving and making a living without work for the past 8 years. Isn't that proof enough that the Lord is with us. We know business people who say to my father that they work day and night and cannot have enough to pay their bills. Yet, my father has no work and we have been surviving for the past 8 years. This is the hand and the work of God.

We must all learn to give our life to God, trust in him, and he will take care of you.

I am now waiting for the Lord to pick me up, so that I can do all the things he has asked of me to do. This is my life story, with God.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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