Sitting with sinners?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

5:13 P.M.

Welcome back to my daily blogs everyone. May God bless you always for keeping up with these blogs, seeking to find the ways of the Lord and establishing a relationship with him. I write spiritual life lessons daily about dreams, visions, and life experiences I have encountered throughout my life. One of the main writings for life experiences is from the life of my father. He's taught me many things over the past years and I feel the great urge to share them with you all.

I've learned from Solomon that there are two types of ways you can learn from life:

  1. Learning from life experiences

  2. Learning from other peoples experiences

Todays blog is based on sitting with sinners. This isn't a dream or a vision, but rather, it's a life experience I'd like to share with you all. It deals with how people think Christians should act, verses how they are supposed to act.

My father and I aim to sit with sinners. Not because we're like them, but because we can change them. Sometimes we see people swearing and we bring a lesson to the table about using clean words. I will go over a few life experiences I have encountered with my father in this blog.

The first life experience deals with swearing. My father hates swearing. He says, "How can you pray and swear? The same lips you use to pray are the same lips you use evil for? It doesn't make sense." I agree with my father. I've met many people who pray and swear. It doesn't add up. It's like eating an apple with coke. That doesn't pair up well. My father sat down with the group of young men and spoke to them about why swearing is a terrible thing. He said, "When you swear in public, you're showing everyone you're not educated enough to come up with the words to use in your language. Second thing is, when you swear, you lose your respect. Lastly, but the most important, is you make yourself look so unclean in front of our Lord. This is a great shame. You should give respect to our Father in the heaven, to the public around you, and to yourself." My father always went straight to the point. He never tried to bring things in a sweet way. He hit hard with his words, but you should see the way people listen to him. They freeze emotionally. Most importantly, they change! There's something in the way my father speaks to people. Anyone my father lectures, sits down, full eye contact, and they listen. If you see the way people listen to my father, you wouldn't believe your eyes. They talk big and show off. They talk a lot! But, as soon as they sit with my father, they look like children.

I never swore in my life. Ask any family, friend or stranger. I've never even had the guts to do it. I know many people who swear like the radio plays. I don't know what it is. Ever since I was young, my friends tried to make me swear because they never hear me do so. I would force myself to swear for them, but the words wouldn't come out. This was when I was younger. Today, I don't go near that. I have so much respect from everyone everywhere because of the way my father raised me. I am honoured and blessed to have a father like him. Some children aren't raised the same way my father raised me, however, that's no excuse for acting the way you do. Anyone can change. You are the remote control. Maybe you ran out of batteries? Go find someone spiritual to replace them for you.

Many sinners my father and I sit with get tense when they see him. Others can't wait to sit down and learn something new to add to their life. The people who get tense are the way they are because they have trouble learning and my father is strict with them. But eventually, they change for the better. Thanks be to God. The people who can't wait to see him, are usually the ones who want to change and do so.

When the public found out we sit with sinners, many began to speak bad things. We heard people saying, "Look at Wally and Roberto. They sit with sinners. How are they spiritual people and they sit with bad people?" Let me ask you something. Did Jesus come to rescue the saved or the unsaved? Did he come to change the sinners or the winners? They even said these things about Jesus. They said, "Look. He sits with sinners." Why the immediate judgement? Don't you know why we sit with sinners? If you see our work with the sinners, changing their lives and bringing them to Christ, then you would understand. But too often we rush with quick judgements without knowing what is going on inside.

I love to sit with sinners. Not because of the way they are and what they do, but because of the change I can make within their life.

I have also met people who say they "Need time to change." These are the people who are afraid to change. They say, "I want to take things step by step." When my father changed, he didn't say, "On Monday I'll do this, on Tuesday that, e.t.c." That didn't happen.

When someone decides to change, they change!

People always find excuses when they don't want to change. They either find an excuse or they lie to get attention. But, why don't you want to change for the better? There are people who were serving the devil and came to Christ. What makes you think you can't return? One thing I've noticed in my life is that Jesus always has his arms open, and you just have to run into his arms. Sometimes you're so far away so he sends mail. All you have to do is accept his invitation. However, many throw his mail away and never return. Jesus always wants you. The question remains...

How much do you really want him?

He is waiting for you!

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