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Saturday, March 20, 2021

4:17 P.M.

Welcome back to my blogs everyone. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these articles of spiritual life lessons that I have personally experienced in my life. I am always grateful and appreciate for your continued support.

Todays blog is quite unique. It's special in the sense that a case like this is rare. I will write about the dream first, and then I will expand in my own personal words afterwards.

The dream I had a while back was of the devil. He looked like the leader and I sensed that he was in my dream also. Neither the devil or his fallen angels knew that I was there during the dream. I saw the leader (the devil) walking down a set of stairs angrily into some sort of hidden layer under the world. Everything looked concrete. The chairs, table, walls, everything was made from concrete. The devil rushed down the stairs angry, and opened the door to wear his other fallen angels were sitting amongst themselves. The leader (the devil) went in and said to the rest of his dirty spirits, "Leave this man alone. There is nothing we can do with him from this point on. We must focus on the other." He was speaking about my father. My father has always held strong faith and a strong spirit. He seemed so powerful against the devil that he wanted to give up with pursuing him.

Do you know those movies where the devil sits on your left shoulder and the angel sits on your right shoulder? It's true in some way. In every situation, your conscience gives you the option of committing evil or doing good. Ultimately, it's in your will to choose either or.

The problem is that everyone knows that there's a devil and an angel on your shoulders, but no one cares. Everyone cares solely about what they want to do. I get so frustrated at times. I try to help others understand and they shake their head saying they agree, but they do nothing about it! For example, someone would sit with my father and I and start talking bad about others. My father advises that we shouldn't talk bad about anyone but only say good things. The man shakes his head and says he agrees. We meet again the next day and he starts talking bad about someone else again!

We must learn to admit our faults and not let them happen again. We must also learn to not just say we will fix our problems, but we must also give it a good try.

I know someone else who completely lost it in life. Mostly with family, but also with friends and himself. He sat with my father and I for a couple of days, and he was set on the right track in no time. Even his family didn't believe their eyes. They asked, "Are you my son?" He kept mentioning to us everyday that "One day" he'll get better, step by step. He made it seem as if this will take a long time. My father strengthened the Holy Spirit within him, and within just a few days he was a brand new man. He crucified his old self with Jesus on the cross, and was made brand new in the resurrection of Christ.

Please, friends, let us listen to the Lord who loves us and gave himself up for us. Why should we listen and obey the one who seeks to devour and destroy us? Do you have hate inside of you? The best way to use it is by placing all of it on the devil. I will hate the devil, but not my family. I will hate the devil, but not my friends. I will hate and avoid evil, and I will serve and love my God who gave his life for me.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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I look forward to seeing you in the next blog.

God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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