The Father and His child

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

7:11 P.M.

Welcome back to my daily blogs everyone. It is always a great pleasure to be writing these spiritual life lessons for all of you to read. I am doing these blogs because I have been instructed by the Lord to do so. I have received many dreams over the past few years, and the Lord told me to mention these to no one, until the time is right. He mentioned that he would let me know. The time has come, and he has let me know how he would like these messages to be told. In the form of writing it is, so that all people can know the messages of the Lord, and not only the people we see nearby us.

Todays dream truly touched my heart. In this dream, you will see how God chooses certain people in the world. How he has a soft spot for them. It is true that God loves us all unconditionally, and that none of us are hated. None of us are favoured more than the other, however, the Lord is closer to certain people than others. This is not to say that he favours those more, but that they have drew close to the Lord themselves.

For example, Jacob in the Bible spoke with his son Joseph more than the rest of his children. As a father, he loved all of his children, however, he had a soft spot for Joseph. He spoke with Joseph more and had a closer bond. In the same way, God loves all of his children. He communicates more with those who are close to him because they are open to his message.

On the day I had this dream, my father was upset with me. I was joking around at home with my mom, but nothing was said with bad intentions. We both enjoy joking around with each other. We're what you can say, the jokers of the family. When my father finished his prayers in our chapel, he came out of the room and became angry with me for the way I was speaking to my mom. He told me that I should "give respect to your mother" and to "learn how to speak." He was very upset with me that day.

My father is a very respectful and loving person. He always tells us that we can pick on him, but don't pick on each other. He always wants everyone to show love to each other. Whenever my eighteen year old sister would fight with my mom, my father would always intervene and make peace between them. He never let them go to sleep angry. If they have a fight during the night time, he says, "No ones going to sleep until there's peace. No ones going to sleep in anger or in tears." Then, he would pull the two over to each other to hug and make peace. It works every, single, time! You go dad!

But, because my father misunderstood our conversation he was very upset with me. The next day when I went out with him, he had a big talk with me in the car. I'll tell you exactly what he said, "I don't like the way you were talking with mom yesterday. I grew you to give respect to everybody in the house and out, and I couldn't believe I heard you talking like that yesterday. She's your mother. She cooks for you, she cleans for you, she does laundry for you, she does shopping for you, she cares for you. There's so many things she does for you, and you have to give her respect. I always want to see my wife happy, make sure you're not the one that's going to make her sad. Honestly, Roberto, I'm very disappointed in you because of this. When we go home, you're going to hug her and you're going to say sorry. Don't tell her I talked with you, by yourself go and do it."

My father never wanted us to tell mom that he had a big talk with us because he wanted her to feel that we realized without intervention. And, that's exactly what I did. She laughed because she knew we weren't serious when we were talking.

I was very sad that day because I let the heart of my father down. I cannot live knowing my father is upset. I just can't. I know all the love he's shown to all of us and it just bothers me to know that I'm the one that caused him to be upset.

When I went to sleep that night in tears and sadness, I had a dream:

I saw a large group of people standing around a big rocket ship. The type that they send off to space. I was interested and went to look. Next thing I know, the people are pulling me and pushing me to the front. I saw my father and little sister helping to push me in the rocket. I heard the astronomers there saying that this is a test rocket, and hasn't been deemed safe to launch. I was scared straight in my dream. I was knocking on the window begging the people to let me out, but the countdown started...5...4...3...2...1...Takeoff! And at once, I was launched into the sky. While I was flying, I was very tense because I knew that in any minute now, this rocket can stop and fall straight down. Thankfully, it made it straight to space, and stopped right beside the moon! Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing a space suit, and I knew that it wasn't a good idea to step out. I was sitting, when all of a sudden I saw demons coming straight towards me from the other side. They had swords and were charging at me. I was scared. At just that moment I felt the spirit of the Lord saying, "Strike your left chest with your right hand once, and I will give you the heart of stone." I striked my chest at once, and felt great power. I opened the door and could breathe somehow. I had strength to attack the demons. I ran straight to each one and hit each one down. There were about thirteen demons, and with one hit each they all fell down. Then, I started to float back to the rocket to wait. Just before I was about to enter the rocket, I heard a loud demonic scream. I knew this was defenitely going to be a big monster. I turned around, and saw a humongous devil. I don't even know how to explain it's height measurements, but it was huge! I panicked. Before it was able to charge at me, I saw a sword go straight through its back, it died, and fell down. When it fell, I saw Saint Michael standing with power. He came to me with a yellow light surrounding him. He moved forward towards me. He said, "Was it good timing that I'm here?" I answered, 'Thank you.' He smiled, and held my arm. He said, "The Lord is waiting for you." I was worried because I thought that maybe the Lord was upset with me because I upset my father. I answered, 'Let's leave it for another time. He might be angry with me now and it's better to wait.' He laughed and continued guiding me to the moon. He landed me on the moon and started to fly away. I could see the Lord sitting on the moon facing the earth. I was afraid to approach him. I began contemplating what I should do, but I couldn't make up my mind. His back was towards me. He knew I was there but he didn't turn around or say anything. It was the most silent time of my life. I rushed on my knees asking for forgiveness because I dissapointed my father. I begged for his forgiveness consecutively. The Lord laughed, smiled, and told me he loves me. I was confused. I asked, 'My Lord...aren't you angry with me?' He said to me, "Why should I be angry with you? There is no reason." I replied, 'I love my father and don't want him to be angry with me." The Lord answered me, "Now is the time for me to tell you. The time has come for me to share something with you." I answered, 'What is it my Lord? Tell me.' He repleid, "In the very beginning, your father was on my mind. You, Roberto, are my heart. And Amira was sitting on my lap for three years before I sent her as a gift for your father. How can the heart be separated from the mind? Or how can the mind be separated from the heart? The mind and the heart and the body are together always."

This was the end of the dream. I guess you can say that this was a long dream, and writing this, I agree! However, look at the love God has for us. He has the most special place in my heart. No one can ever separate me from him. In the words of my father, "You can take anything you want away from me, but you will never take my Lord away from me."

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