The same dream

Saturday, March 20, 2021

3:40 P.M.

Welcome back everyone to my daily blogs. Thank you for joining me along this journey of spiritual life lessons that I share everyday. I have plenty to share and I look forward to posting everyday.

Today, I will be writing about the time my father and we both had a very similar dream on the same morning.

I had a dream that we were in the house we were moving into. I saw a dirty black spirit running around the house and I was trying to catch it. I was able to run at an extraordinary speed in the dream, but I wasn't able to catch the spirit. The spirit started running upstairs and right when he reached the top of the stairs, Saint Michael struck his sword through the chest of the dirty spirit. The spirit got stuck on the ground and vanished to dust away from the house.

My Father had a very similar dream, but it also has its differences. His dream was that he was walking in the new home we were about to move into, and everything looked normal. But as he tried to go upstairs, he saw the devil holding onto him from behind. The devil in his dream was about 9 feet tall and very wide. He basically looked like those scary movie type of monsters. My father saw him holding onto him, so he carried the devil and pulled him closer to the stairs. Then my father turned around, and threw his back on the stairs. In other words, he did a hulk hogan move on the back! The devil began to scream of pain and vanished.

This dream that my father has symbolizes all of us. We all have some sort of additional weight that the devil tries to put on our backs. Let us break the devils back also so that he can vanish and be a part of us no more. Like the book of James says, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you."

I'm glad I had the dream I had and not my father's dream. This was the same dream that we had on the same day.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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I look forward to seeing you in the next blog.

God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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