"This is the work I will give for you to do"

Sunday, May 2, 2021

11:27 A.M.

Welcome back everyone to my daily blogs. It is always my greatest pleasure to remain writing these blogs for you to read. I upload blogs about spiritual life lessons that I have encountered over the course of my life. These include both dreams and life experiences. I pray that you take all of these lessons into consideration. Look beyond the message and see how you can implement these new learnings into your life.

Today I will be writing about the time I received a message about what my work will be, how much I will earn, and what I must do with the money I receive. For the sake of privacy, in this blog I will not reveal how much I was told I would make, but I will share the rest of the information with you.

This was the dream:

I saw both my father and I in a jungle. My father was wearing all green with a jungle hat, and I was dressed the same. He was excited to explore the jungle. I approached my father and asked him where we were. He replied, "In the jungle. I want to see the lions and the rest of the animals." I immediately became nervous. "Dad, why are we in the jungle? We could die here and that will be the end", I said. He answered, "No. Don't worry. I just want to see the animals. Instead of watching it on television, I can play with them in real life." Then, I saw two separate paths. My father was going on the one on the left side, and I proceeded to following him. He stopped and looked at me. I was confused. He said, "Go on the other path. You have to have strength. Try by yourself." At this point, I was really concerned about myself. I answered, "Dad. There's no way I'm going on the path by myself. Let me go on this path with you." He declined and told me to go on the other path. He said, "The Lord will give you strength. If you find any animal trying to harm you, ask God for strength, and he will give it to you." He continued on his path, while I began going on the other path. While I was walking on the path, I could hear my father fighting with an animal, but I didn't know anything other than that. I trusted that my father handled the situation. After all, he was very confident. As I continued along the path, I saw a giant bear sitting down, leaning on the tree. I tried to go around it, but it stopped me with its big hand and paws. I stepped back, and called upon God for strength. I felt the power. I ran up to the bear, striked its stomach, and put it down the the ground. The bear was asleep. Continuing along the path, I saw a lion trying to attack me. I asked God for help, and the Lion roared and then rubbed its head on my chest. Then, I thought he tried to eat my hand but he just wanted to lick. I took a piece of fur from the bear and the lion to show it to my dad. I made it to the end of the path to what seemed like a beautiful ocean. Then, I saw him at the end of his path also. I also noticed that he was dragging a big red dragon. He told me that he encountered the dragon and defeated it. We were showing off what we accomplished to each other. Then, my dad tried to throw the red dragon into the ocean, but a man dressed in a brown robe behind him said not to because he would dirty the clean water by doing so. The man told him to burn the dragon in the fire, instead of throwing him into the clean water. The red dragon was burned. Then, we went swimming in the clean and fresh water. After swimming, I followed my father back to the land. On the land, we saw Solomon sitting and eating fish with bread on a fire. The land was all sand. He invited us over to eat with him, and we saw Amira already there, sitting and eating with him. Then, Solomon taught us how we will build our wealth, and what our future with money would look like. This is what he told us. "Children, listen to me. The Lord has sent me to reveal his plan for you. How he will grow you, and how you will take care of others. You (Walid) will be in charge of the dreams. Your son will write them, but you will have all authority over them. You (Roberto) will be in charge of spreading the word of God." I asked him if doing it on YouTube will be fine. He answered, "Yes. And this is how you will grow the Lord's name. And Amira, you will do the same as your brother. The Lord will bless you with all three of these. Do not worry about how you will grow yourselves or how you will establish your wealth. The Lord will bless you with these three ideas." Then, he told us how much we would profit daily from each of the ideas. Solomon continued, "The Lord will bless you greatly, but remember, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. The Lord is trusting that you will do what I say next. When you have established enough wealth, go and buy a home for your entire family to live in. This home will be called 'The House of the Lord.' After this, the Lord wants you to travel to the poorest country yourselves and feed them and make them glad. The Lord will bless you greatly, because he knows that you will bless others in the same way he has done for you. You will build a building for them to gather in and sleep in. You will bring food for them to eat, and you will make sure they are keeping well. When you finish from that country, before you leave, give them the image of the last supper of the Lord. Let them give thanks that he has provided food and clothing and shelter for them. Do not spend your money on anything before asking the Lord. He will be with you always. Just listen to his spirit, and he will answer you." He told me more things about a certain family we would help because they would move into a smaller home, but this is private, and I was told not to reveal this until the time has come.

This was the end of the dream, and this was all that the Lord revealed to me on that day. I remember all of the dreams so vividly. It was funny because before I was instructed to write these dreams, I barely remembered any of them. Maybe just a few. After the Lord instructed me to write all the dreams, I was able to recall about one hundred dreams in the timeframe of one day. Thanks be to God always.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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