Why are there so few dreams about me?

Welcome back to my daily blogs everyone. I am most glad to see that you have returned to read more about my spiritual life lessons. I have acquired these lessons over a long period of time, and it is a great pleasure to be sharing them with you all.

If you read all the messages that I've received over the course of my life, you'll notice that most of my dreams are messages from the Lord to my father. I've had very few messages that were directed for me. I'd feel lucky if I receive a message for me.

One day, I entered into a dream, and I was standing before the Lord. I asked the Lord on my knees, with my head held low, "Lord, why do you give me the dreams to give to my father. Why aren't there any messages for me?" The Lord answered me, "My child, if I give the dreams directly to your father, you will not believe in them the same as if I gave them directly to you. Your father, however, believes in these messages even though he does not see them as you do. Most of these messages are for your father, but each one of them is also for you. It is true that you say I do not speak directly about you, but the lesson behind each dream is also for you to share."

That was the end of the dream. I was pleased that the Lord answered me when I called him. The Lord always answers his children. Whether it's in a dream, vision, in our hearts, or through someone else. If you love the Lord and seek him with all of your heart, you will find him. Too often, we are busy speaking to the Lord, and not listening. In another dream, the Lord said to my father, "You speak to me, but you do not let me reply. When you pray and ask, be silent, and within you I will answer." It's true. How can the other reply if you speak and leave immediately after. This is like going to your therapist, talking, and then leaving. Or going to your doctor, describing the problem, and then leaving his office. Always listen for the voice of the Lord. Pray, and ask him for the gift of a listening heart.

I am excited to share my spiritual life lessons with all of you. I thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey. I will be sharing every spiritual lesson I've learned in my life, every story of my father's life, every spiritual dream I had that came true, absolutely everything!

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I look forward to seeing you in the next blog.

God bless you all always,

Roberto W Rafo.

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